Corporate Governance

Info Quest Technologies Corporate Governance, complies with the Greek laws and is governed by a strict framework of rules which is implemented by the Quest Group for all its subsidiaries.

Quest Holding’s corporate governance enhances the preservation of transparency, the responsible operation of all companies and the making of important decisions in a collective way, aiming towards their sustainability and ensuring the interests of shareholders and interested parties.

Quest Holdings SA, the parent company of the Group, which is part of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX), complies with all special practices that apply to ATHEX companies, according to the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code. At the same time, it maintains an Internal Operations Regulation according to legal requirements, as well as an Internal Audit Regulation.

Quest Holdings sets the strategic framework in which the companies operate and develops the general directions, policies and principles that govern the operation of all subsidiaries. The Group's policies convey the basic directions of its Executive Board, apply to all subsidiaries, employees and partners of the Group, and govern the full spectrum of its operations. They cover all the critical areas of operation and development of companies, in the areas of Governance and Compliance, Sustainable Development, Risk Management, Operation, Human Resources and Personal Data Protection.
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Risk Management

Info Quest Technologies, same as all of Quest Group Companies, systematically investigates and manages the risks that may arise in order to increase the certainty of achieving their goals. The company follows the Group's Risk Management Policy and applies valuation and management procedures in accordance with the ISO 31000 standard. It has a Risk Manager, Risk Register with the most important risks identified and a monitoring methodology for them.