Corporate Governance

Since 1981, responsible business and fully compliance is our unquestionable priority. In the company's course and its evolution into a Group of companies, these values and principles remain the main pillar that supports the company's reputation and credibility for 40+ years.

Our operation, is in accordance with the Greek legislation and is governed by a strict framework of rules set and implemented by the Quest Group for all its subsidiaries.

The Quest Group is governed by the current Corporate Governance legislation, having created internal structures and incorporating in its operation manuals, codes, policies and procedures, aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability and collective decision-making, to all areas aimed at the sustainable development of companies and the safeguarding of the interests of Shareholders and Stakeholders.

The Group Policies express the basic guidelines of the Group Board of Directors, which according to the Quest Gropup Internal Regulation of Operation, apply to all subsidiaries and all employees and associates of the Group and govern the full range of their operations. They cover all critical areas of operation and development of companies, in the areas of Governance and Compliance, Sustainable Development, Risk Management, Operation, Human Resources and Personal Data Protection. For more information, visit

The Group's parent company Quest Holdings has published a Code of Conduct and Ethics, which applies to all subsidiaries and stakeholders. Furthermore, the companies and professionals cooperating with the Group, and all interested parties, in general, must observe and apply similar standards and rules of conduct and ethics.

Code of Ethics


The principle of zero tolerance is applied within the company for any deviation from compliance with applicable legislation, incidents of corruption, unfair competition, anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust and monopolistic practices, or any departure from ethical practices.

Procedure for Reporting Breach Incidents of the Code of Conduct & Ethical Behaviour

Our Company, following the policies and principles of the Quest Group is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit of transparency and accountability. Therefore, it demands the highest possible level of professional and ethical conduct from all its employees and business partners. In order to establish the prevention of wrongdoing, unethical and unlawful behaviour/actions, we wish to ensure that if any of our employees or a third party has suspicions about the above issues regarding the operation of our Company, they have the opportunity to report it, while remaining anonymous if they so wish.

Submitted reports may be official (signed) or anonymous.

However, it is encouraged that the reporting persons submit official (signed) reports as this facilitates the necessary investigation and the adoption of the necessary measures.

You can report incidents involving violations of company Policies/Procedures and the applicable legislation (e.g. fraud, corruption, theft, embezzlement, non-compliance with the Quest Group's Code of Conduct & Ethical Behavior, data breaches and/or security incidents and any act or omission in general that may cause moral or material damage to Quest Holdings and its subsidiaries) using the following communication channels:



By post: 2A Argyroupoleos St., P.C. 17676, Kallithea, Athens, Greece (Attn: Group Compliance Officer, marked "Confidential").

More specifically, in cases of data breaches and security incidents, you can use the following communication channels:

Email: (data breach)

Email: (security incident)

By post: 2A Argyroupoleos St., P.C. 17676, Kallithea, Athens, Greece (Attn: Regulatory Compliance Officer, marked "Confidential") if there is a data breach or for the attention of the Group Information Security Officer if it relates to Information Security breach issues.

We would like our employees or third parties interested in the Company to be aware of the following:

  • They are encouraged to disclose freely if they become aware of any activity that deviates from the principles of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour and may constitute a cause for concern.
  • Such reports are instrumental in avoiding or mitigating any potential negative impact on the Company, while at the same time encouraging a culture of transparency, accountability and integrity.
  • An official (signed) report of a violation is more reliable, while providing the possibility to communicate directly with the reporting party (employee or third party) to provide clarifications and additional information during the report verification process.
  • The Company's Management will ensure that no actions will be taken against any employee that reports, in good faith, any actual or alleged behaviour/action that constitutes a violation.
  • The reporting procedure should not be misused for frivolous accusations or personal complaints. To prevent malicious or unfounded reports, sanctions may be imposed on reporting parties that have acted in bad faith and legal action for defamation may be taken.
It is noted that Quest Group has established clear rules and Policies that define, among others, which incidents constitute violations and what the procedure followed to monitor and manage them is.

You can find a summary of the Whistleblowing Policy – Incident Reporting here

It is noted that Quest Group has established clear rules and Policies that define, among others, which incidents constitute violations and what the procedure followed to monitor and manage them is. If you want to know more about the processing of your personal data and your rights, please refer to the Specific Privacy Notice of Incident Reporting which you can find here.

Risk Management

We systematically investigate and manage the risks that may arise in order to increase the certainty of achieving our goals. We strictly follow the Group's Risk Management Policy and apply valuation and management procedures in accordance with the ISO 31000 standard. We also have a Risk Manager, Risk Register with the most important risks identified and a monitoring methodology for them.

Responsible Procurement

We are a platform that connects the products and solutions of top technology suppliers with the Greek market. With an ongoing priority of delivering optimal service to our customers through cutting-edge technology and considering our established leadership position in the market, we collaborate with reputable suppliers with a global reputation and a strong commitment to ethical working practices. We implement Policies and Procedures that define our relationship with suppliers and partners. Every year, we assess our suppliers according to our Procurement Policy, ESG Strategy, and our Supplier Code of Conduct.