Our Values and Principles

Info Quest Technologies bases its development on the principles of sustainable development and a strong system of values, which expresses the philosophy of the founders of Quest Group and constitutes the core of our culture and philosophy.

Customer Satisfaction

Creating, maintaining and constantly strengthening a relationship of trust with our customers and employees is our constant aspiration.


Morality and Integrity


All our activities and actions display respect to human decency, and exude honesty, stability and a strong code of ethics.

Validation and Evaluation


We make informed decisions based on available data, set measurable targets and evaluate our choices based on results.



We promote collaboration between colleagues, teams, departments and companies, aiming towards the diffusion of knowledge and information, the improvement of productivity and personal and professional development.

Knowledge - Continuous Improvement - Innovation


We are always looking for and supporting new ideas. We are adopting change and innovation that help us improve the services and operation of our organization. We are constantly pursuing new knowledge for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Responsible Entrepreneurship


We support and promote entrepreneurship and responsible business practices, intertwining them with technology and innovation as tools for development and progress.