Info Quest Technologies at a glance

Aiming towards the modernization and digital transformation of the Greek market.

Info Quest Technologies, a member of the Quest Group, plays a leading role in the Greek IT market for 40 years, contributing towards the modernization and digital transformation of the companies and consumers. Having started out as soon as the first personal computers appeared, in 1981, the company has intertwined its course with the evolution and shaping of the local market . serving as the main point of entry and diffusion of new IT and communication technologies in Greece.
As technology alters every aspect of our personal and professional lives, Info Quest Technologies is dynamically evolving in order to contribute to the acceleration of Greece’s to the new digital world.
Info Quest Technologies begins its fifth decade, with enthusiasm for the prospects that open in front of us, committed to its mission: to turn technology into a springboard for evolution, knowledge and progress for each of us, for our society and our country.

Info Quest Technologies Today

Today, looking towards to the future, as a 100% subsidiary of Quest Holdings SA, Info Quest Technologies contributes in practice to the digital transition of our society, creating added value for its partners, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

  • We continue our evolutionary course and development in all areas of its activity, presenting 3X turnover in 5 years.
  • We maintain our leading position in the supply of ICT distribution field, partnering with more than 200 international IT and communication manufacturers, providing products and solutions, both for the consumer market and for the market.
  • We expand our activity in new sectors and markets, such as air conditioning and electrical appliances.
  • We dynamically invest in Cloud. We are one of the largest partners of Microsoft in providing solutions and services such as Modern Workplace, Process Automation, Workflow Management & Secure Infrastructure (M365 & Azure), which provides in collaboration with the 100% subsidiary of Team Candi.
  • We shape the new environment of interconnected devices through our collaboration with Xiaomi and other leading manufacturers.
  • We Propose new eco solutions, such as Segway e-motorcycle and Ecoflow portable power stations.
  • We are one of the largest Authorized Service Centers of international manufacturers, including Apple, HP & Xiaomi.
  • We invest in e-commerce through and create advanced experiences for consumers, both through the physical stores Xiaomi Stores, and in the digital world (e-shop
  • We implement an extensive digital transformation program.

Looking to the future

Aware that the future and prosperity of the company are directly linked to the future of the planet and our society, Info Quest Technologies sets high goals. It grows dynamically exploring new challenges in time, creating value and new jobs. At the same time, it systematically reduces its environmental footprint and supports with actions the strengthening of digital skills in young people, but also the improvement of the lives of our most vulnerable fellow citizens. Our goal is to continue to play a leading role in the progress of society, harnessing the power of technology to create an advanced future for all.