Our People


    Our strength is our people!

    The most important capital of Info Quest Technologies is our people. A team that shares the same vision, passion for the new, principles and values. Innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, initiative, meritocracy, respect, balance, continuous improvement, shape our culture. We provide significant opportunities for young professionals to utilize their knowledge and skills, take initiatives, collaborate with distinguished professionals and evolve.

    The company:

    • Adheres fully and with absolute consistency to the principle of respect and equal treatment of all employees, regardless of position in the organization chart.
    • Excludes any discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, etc., embracing the 10 Principles of the UN Universal Pact.
    • Provides equal opportunities for professional development and highlights its executives meritoriously, with objective criteria, evaluation and full transparency.
    • Creates quality jobs and gives opportunities to young & talented people to evolve, enhancing diversity and inclusion.
    • Encourages the professional development of women, by providing equal opportunities in terms of pay and professional development.
    • Encourages the expression of suggestions and comments from employees and conducts regular opinion polls of staff.
    • Promotes a culture of respect for Human Rights to all stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and partners.

    In November 2022 we distinguished as Great Place to Work from the respective rating agency, as a result of our actions and initiatives to create a high-level environment for someone to work, create and prosper. In May 2023 our Company ranked 4 among the 10 large companies in Greece ( > 250 people) who were certified as “ Best Workplaces 2023”.

    Our goal is, over time, to be a great Organization for someone to work and prosper, offering prospects, satisfaction and pride to every employee who wants to create value through the use of technology.